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Customizing PowerSchool - Basics

 greencheck Customizing PS 101 - basic information on customizing as well as helpful hints and tips
  Customization Tips, Tricks, and Resources - various tips, tricks, and resources to make customizing easier
  HTML and PS HTML - an overview of some HTML coding that you may see on PS pages
  Using Custom Page Manager (CPM) - basic instructions for Custom Page Manager (pre 12.1 version)
  Using Custom Page Manager (CPM) - PS 12.1+ - basic instructions for Custom Page Manager (PS 12.1+)
  Using Custom Web Root - basic instructions for using the custom web root area of the server
 greencheck Using Plugins - an overview of plugins and the basics of using them

Customizing PowerSchool - Intermediate

  Adding Dynamic Elements to Pages - find out more about system variables, if statements, gpv commands, and dynamic drop-down menus
  Adding Single Series Charts to Pages - how to add a chart using the built-in FusionCharts files
  Plugins and Page Fragments - information and examples on plugins and page fragments
  Using DataTables Coding from sqlReports on Custom Pages - how to use DataTables coding on custom pages


  How to Change Things without Using Customizations - various ways to changes things in PS without using customizations
 greencheck How to Fix Common Customization Issues - how to fix things like String Key Not Found, missing links, and CPM Drafts
  How to Use SQL with Custom Pages - how to use tlist_sql in a page or in a json file