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PS Database

greencheck  Overview - an overview covering things such as tables, fields, records, and keys
  Custom Tables and Fields - how to create and reference them in either the legacy or extended way 

Data Export Manager (DEM)

 greencheck Basics - if you're not familiar with DEM, start here
  Templates and Schedules - learn how to save export templates and/or schedule them

Structured Query Language (SQL)

greencheck Basic SQL - if you're not familiar with SQL or just want a refresher on the basics, start here
  Intermediate SQL - once you know the basics, move on to some more powerful commands
  Advanced SQL - how to use pivot tables and create derived tables with joins or withs

  PS Custom Fields and SQL - how to access data in custom fields
  Useful Joins on PS Tables - common joins to pull data from various PS tables

Oracle SQL Developer

greencheck  Getting Started and Running Queries - how to setup Oracle SQL Developer and run a query 
  Tables and Views - how to view the Tables and Views that are part of the database
  Tips and Tricks - some tips and tricks regarding joins, query builder, autocomplete, and preferences


 greencheck sqlReports Overview - information about sqlReports, a free customization for PowerSchool
 greencheck sqlCharts Overview - a free charting tool that's part of sqlReports

Business Intelligence (BI)

 greencheck BI Overview - what the term means and things to consider with regards to BI programs
  Setting up the ODBC Client - how to set up the Oracle Instant Client, including a section just for Windows 10 users
  MS Power BI Desktop - Getting Started - how to load data into Microsoft's free BI program using either ODBC, or csv or txt files
  MS Power BI Desktop - Creating Reports - examples of various reports one can build with Power BI Desktop