The reporting engine feature is an important piece of PowerSchool because almost all of the reports on the System Reports, System page are reporting engine reports.  They're easy to identify because you'll see /admin/reports_engine in the url when you click on the report or hover over a link and view the url.  The reporting engine was also used exclusively for state reporting, however, ReportWorks is now being used more often in that area.

In the early days of SIS Resources, some reporting engine reports were created by Matt and made available at the site.  The reports were popular because they were easy to load and use.  This was prior to the days of CPM and page fragments, so it was a lot easier to load a report rather than load a custom page.  Over time, SIS Resources moved away from them because customizations became easier to implement and the same report could be created with custom pages, sqlReports, or sqlFormLetters.  Some people still prefer the reporting engine reports, so three of the most popular reporting engines from SIS Resources have been updated and are available for download for those who wish to use them.

  • Birthday List - the first reporting engine report released by SIS Resources.  It became very popular because it was an easy way to create a list of students with birthdays in a month or months.  Prior to it, most users would use the *birthday search to find students, export them to Excel, and create a list.  This report made all that work unnecessary.  The report has been updated to make the years dynamic so users don't have to edit the report every year and update that part.
  • Current Grades with Activities - was originally the Low Current Grades report, it allows one to search by letter grade or percent for grades given by teachers.  The ability to search by activity made it popular as an eligibilty report.  The report has been updated to where one can search for any letter grade.  The letter grade popup menu has been removed and replaced with a box where the user enters the grades to search on instead, and the sql for the report was modified to pull the external expression from the sections table and the teacher name from the users table.  Due to the sql modifications, only use if you're on PS 11 or higher.
  • EOY Grade and School Checker - allows a user to run the report for the student body or specific grade levels prior to EOY to see which students may need the next grade level or next school adjusted prior to running EOY.  No modification made to the report compared to previous versions.

All of the reports now have Version 12 at the top of the report when run. 

Download Instructions (the download only appears if you're logged in)

Download the file and unzip it.  The download does not contain any plugins, but instead three files, which are the three different reports.  Each file has to be installed separately.  To install a report, go to System Reports, Engine, and click on the Load One Local Report link at the bottom of the page.  A page will come up where you browse and find the report file and then click on Import.  After being imported, the report will appear under the Engine tab like in the screenshot below (this is after all three have been imported - each report has to be imported separately):

If you decide at some point you wish to delete a reporting engine report, go to System Reports, Engine, and click on the Setup link at the bottom of the page.   That will bring up a list of reports and click on the link in the first column, Report ID, for the report you wish to delete.  A page will come up with details about the report and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete button to delete the report.


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