Back in 2006, I released a customization that allowed schools to remove icons on the parent portal.  At first it just appeared as directions, but was later turned into a customization:


At the time, it was available for PS Pro (PS 4) and PS 5:


Jason Treadwell of Power Data Solutions (PDS) asked if he could merge it with another customization and I gave him permission to use the SIS Resources customization.  He released a customization called Icon Control on the PDS site in January 2007, but in 2010 it was replaced by the Enhanced Parent Portal (EPP) customization (the following can be found online here):

EPP is still available for download, but PS has added it's own way to control parent portal content to the School Setup, Parent/Student Access, Available Features page.  Like the original SIS Resources customization, it works on a school-by-school basis.  However, instead of hiding the portal icon, it leaves the icon and disables the content on the page and displays a message that the content isn't available. 

RIPP Overview

This new customization, RIPP (Remove Icons - Parent Portal), allows the removal of some icons when certain features have been disabled in the built-in system.  For example, if you disable Attendance and would like the Attendance History icon to be removed instead of parents clicking on it and seeing a message that the content has been disabled, then RIPP will do it. Below is a table showing the disabled feature and the icon that will be removed - it will only remove icons in the web portal and does not remove anything from the app:

 Disabled Feature  Portal Icon Removed
 Attendance  attendancehistory
 Email Notification  emailnotify
 Fee and Meal Transactions
 (icon is only removed when both are checked)
 Final Grades  gradehistory

RIPP only removes icons and doesn't touch the pages, which means if you disable an icon a person could still get to the page if they know the url, although they'll get the built-in page is disabled message.

Technical Information

The customization adds a line to the bottom of the Available Features page:


The customization will only remove the icons mentioned above for the school when the box is checked.  The question mark icon at the end of the line is a link to online help documentation and information about the customization.

The customization consists of various page fragments.  Two of them deal with the guardian header files and use jquery coding similar to that found in EPP with regards to removing icons.  Another page fragment adds the line at the bottom of the Available Features page.  The rest of the files in the customization are used in the online help feature.

Download Instructions (the download only appears if you're logged in)

Once you download the zip file from below, it's very important that you unzip it and follow the directions in the Readme First pdf.  The download contains a plugin file and an installation and user guide.  If you're not familiar with plugins, please read the Using Plugins article on this site first.



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