sqlFormLetters Lite is a customization that uses SQL to help create the content of a form letter.  Form letters can be for either students or staff.  You can use sqlFormLetters Lite to create a letter to send home to parents showing attendance, discipline information, report card data, or anything that requres SQL to pull the data.  It can also be used by admins to print a page of data per student as there are page breaks by students when the output is printed.  For example, if a nurse wants to print a shot report per student, one could use sql to retrieve the information and sqlFormLetters could be used to print them.   You can also build letters based on staff data, such as lunch transactions per staff member or information about a teacher's set of courses. 

Below are some of the benefits to using sqlFormLetters Lite:

  • It's laid out in a similar manner as sqlReports, so if you're familiar with sqlReports, you'll be familiar with it as well.
  • You can create letters not possible in legacy reports or ReportWorks due to the fact you're using sql.
  • Letters can have a wide range of codes and parameters, and can have multiple sql tables or charts.

Following are some screenshots of sqlFormLetters Lite - they were created from fictional data in a sample database provided by PowerSchool.  The main page is similar to sqlReports and lists letters available to the user, and those in the sqlFormLetters Lite preferred admin group can create, import, or edit letters:


An admin gives each letter basic information:


Parameters are used much the same way as in sqlReports - they can be text entry, use calendars, or use drop-downs:


When an admin runs the letter, the parameters appear along with letter options:


When the letter runs, it'll appear in a new browser window with a copy of the letter for each student in the student selection.  Once the user clicks on print, the letters will print out one page per student.  If you're familiar with the Student Schedule Report from the admin group functions area, sqlFormLetters Lite works like it but allows you to create your own letters to work in the same fashion.

sqlFormLetters Lite FAQ

Do I need to be on a specific version of PowerSchool to use it?

Yes - you must be on PS 10 or higher.

Is there a full version of sqlFormLetters?

sqlFormLetters Lite is a free version of sqlFormLetters.  An overview of the full version can be found at sqlReports.net.

Download Instructions (the downloads only appears if you're logged in)

Once you download the zip file from below, it's very important that you unzip it and follow the directions in the Installation Guide.  The download contains a plugin file, a couple guides, and some samples.  If you're not familiar with plugins, please read the Using Plugins article on this site first.


The download below contains a sample of letters which can be used with sqlFormLetters Lite.  Once you download the file, unzip it and follow the directions in the Readme files in the download.   Do not use thes files in the download with the full version of sqlFormLetters - it has it's own versions of the download.  Screenshots of the samples can be found here.


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