I decided to move the articles and downloads I had on the sisresources.com web site to this one because I wanted to restrict access to things due to the nature of some of the articles.  For example, I was looking at the articles on creating custom fields and decided it's best to have something like that avialable to registered users instead of just anyone. 

However, to set up a site for registered users requires creating a lot of accounts on the server and the sending of emails for account applications and forgot passwords things.  I didn't want things like that to cause the .com site to be blacklisted as a spam site because matt @ sisresources.com is my primary email address. 

So I moved things to this site and any new material will be added here.  The .com site will get a makeover and will mainly just be a one-page type business web site listing pertinent information related to my business. 

Everything on this site is currently free, but one needs to apply for a free account to view the restricted material.