I added overviews about sqlReports and sqlCharts to the Data Mining articles area.  sqlReports is a free customization created in 2009 by Dean Dahlvang and it's one of the most popular PowerSchool customizations in use.  I used sqlReports quite a bit while Dean was still maintaining it, but when he moved on to other things in 2013, I asked him if I could take it over.  

When I took over sqlReports, I added two things to it - a teacher portal version and sqlCharts (Bob McGregor helped quite a bit on the sqlCharts jquery coding).  It wasn't until I added the Business Intelligence (BI) software section to the data mining articles area, that I realized I had basically created a BI tool for use in PS when I created sqlCharts back in 2013 :)  It has a big advantage in that it runs within PS as part of sqlReports.   Like any BI tool, there's no need for the user to know the chart coding - all one has to do is create a report in sqlReports that returns valid data (first column with labels, other columns with counts) and sqlCharts does the rest.  There are over 25 charts to choose from - they're based on the Fusion charts software that come with every installation of PS.

If you haven't tried sqlReports, I'd recommend checking out the overviews and the sqlReports site.  If you're wanting to create charts for admins or teachers, the sqlCharts feature is invaluable.