One of the first customizations I ever created removed icons from the parent portal.  I've mentioned it on the SIS Resources history page located here, but in case you haven't read it, here's the information on it:

"someone asked in a workshop if there was a way to hide icons on the parent portal similar to how one could hide the Fees icon.  At first I wrote up instructions on how to remove them and then developed a customization to do it.  Others took the customization and added to it and it grew into the Enhanced Parent Portal."

Since then, PS has added it's own content control system to the parent portal.  However, it doesn't remove any icons, but instead just leaves them and puts a message with some that the content has been disabled and is not available.  So I created a new customization that removes the icons based on the built-in system in case someone would rather have those icons gone instead of having something there that parents click on but is never used.

The original customization created a whole new set of prefs to remove the icons, but this customization uses the prefs created from the built-in choices at the School Setup, Parent/Student Access, Available Features page. 

The customization can be found under the Downloads menu as RIPP or can be found here.