Prior to working with customizations, I created reporting engine reports and made them available for download on SIS Resources.  Around PS 7 I moved away from reporting engine reports because it was easier to do things as either custom pages or sqlReports instead, or in some cases, in sqlFormLetters.  I still get asked about them though and several places still use them, mainly because they don't like installing customizations and thus miss out on the same things created as custom pages or in sqlReports.  So I decided to update three of the most popular reporting engine reports I created and make them available for download once again.

The reports can be found here (you must be logged in to see the download) and include updated versions of the Birthday List report, the Low Current Grades Report, which no longer has the grade popup menu and thus can be run for any letter grade, and the EOY Grade and School Checker.  I have no plans to bring back any other reporting engine reports - I'm only bringing back those three because people still ask about them and it's a way for people to update to a newer version.